How to hook up a WDTV via composite?

Hey! How to hook up a first generation WDTV using composite jacks? I have a 19" LCR TV and does not support HDMI. I have a Philips DVD Player. I have an Integra DTM 5.9 receiver with a pair of B&W 686 speakers. I currently have my system hooked up as the following but this way excludes the WDTV. Using the red/white/yellow composite jacks on both ends where the yellow only is plugged from DVD Player to TV. Another cable of the 2 RCA male to 2 RCA male are going from DVD Player red/white audio output to Integra input. That is that way. But how to hook up a WDTV? Thank you,

Same way, using the included Composite cables.

Thank you! But my TV only has one of all the 3 composite so it has a yellow/red/white and on my TV I only have the yellow connected so to do it the same way than would I need a splitter? If yes, what type of splitter?

You could buy a cheap ($5) switchbox

or buy 3 av splitters (but you will have to power off your DVD Player when using the WDTV and vice-versa)

Like this one?

see above :wink:  yep, that will be ok

If I buy 3 AV splitters than how should I connect everything? :slight_smile:

Could you please post direct links on what AV splitters I need to buy?

You should be able to purchase them anywhere … anywere that sells electronics and accessories.

Cost ?  around $1.00

Just look for a …  RCA Splitter (1 Male to 2 Female)

ebay example:

OK, but now I am confused on how to connect everything based on your image above! :frowning:

BTW, this only has 1 composite, so how is this possible?

rocky12 wrote:
OK, but now I am confused on how to connect everything based on your image above! :frowning:

if you can’t follow the image … then i can’t help you, sorry

call a TV guy to set it up for you, should’nt cost more than a $100

On of those splitters, you have the TV connected to the one, and in your previous post you told me to buy the 2 female to one male? In your image it looks like the TV connects to the 1 female on the splitter?

That’s a 2 female to 1 female

I can follow the image.

First, it just doesn’t make sense because you said to buy a 2 female to 1 male but in your image you have the TV going to 1 female. Female=yellow. Red/white=male. Also, I am not sure about the red/white in your image? I am guessing to plug a red into one splitter and white into another splitter?

Second, besides, I just looked at the manual and it has one composite so how is this even possible with one composite?

The TV Input for Video (Yellow) is a Female Socket.

You plug the Male end of the Splitter into the Female input on the TV.

Connect the Yellow Male Video Lead from the WDTV into the Female Socket on the Splitter

Then Connect the Yellow Male Video Lead from your DVD into the Female Socket on the Splitter.

So, now you have 2 Video Sources going into the One Video Input on the TV.

Same theory applies for the Red and White  (you’re plugging 2 Audio Sources into a “Splitter”)

Once all connected… when you use your WDTV …  Power Off the DVD Player

when you use you DVD Player … Power Off your WDTV

Thank you so much!

If I have this correct?

1.) plug the male into the TV

2.) connect the yellow from DVD Player to the yellow on the TV

3.) connect the yellow from WDTV to yellow on the splitter on the TV

4.) get a 2 male to 2 male splitter

5.) connect the red/white from the WDTV into the splitter

6.) connect that to the receiver

7.) get a 2 male to 2 male splitter

8.) connect the DVD player to the splitter

9.) connect that splitter to receiver

one last try … (same as my original diagram but with pictures)  note: cable lenghts are not to scale