HOW-TO: Get Video Thumbnails on My Cloud app

It looks like version 3.03.01 of the My Cloud NAS firmware finally enabled video thumbnails when browsing using My Cloud App on iOS devices (not sure on Android, haven’t had a chance to test it yet.)

But the thumbs will only appear for videos uploaded AFTER the firmware update.

However, you can quickly “trick” your Cloud into thinking all your videos are new so that it adds a thumbnail.

WARNING:   Do NOT do this if you depend on exact file dating (such as for doing syncs or whatever) as it might mess things up.

  1.  Log into your Cloud via SSH.

  2. Go to the parent directory of your video files.  Something like this:

    cd /shares/TVShows/

 3) Execute a TOUCH command to update the timestamp on all files in the share:

CloudNAS:/shares/TVShows# find . -exec touch {} \;

 Repeat for other shares as necessary.

You’ll notice the disk and CPU will busy up for a while – potentially quite a while (hours or more) after doing this.

Don’t worry – it’ll settle down once the thumbnail cache is generated.

Thanks for your contribution TonyPh12345.