How to get USB 3 ports on a 2009 Mac Pro

Hi, folks, I’m hoping someone can offer some solutions. I have an upgraded 2009 Mac Pro which comes with five USB 2.0 ports and two Firewire 800 ports. I own a dozen G-Drives some going back many years. A few have Firewire ports, but the newest G-Drives no longer do. So, I’m stuck in USB 2.0 hell.

I installed a Sonnet USB 3.2 PCIe card and plugged several of my G-Drive USB 3.0 devices in and then realized there is a Mac issue when the system sleeps. Every drive attached to the card forces a “Disk not properly ejected” error on wake-up, and other USB peripherals aren’t happy either. So, I’m returning the Sonnet card.

How can I get USB 3.x performance out of the newer G-drives? Is there some other option than the PCIe card that can provide me with USB 3.x ports? Is there an adapter that would plug into a Firewire port? Thanks!