How to get serious attention of WD on repeated failures of TV Live Hub devices

Can someone advise me how to get serious attention of WD for repeated failures of TV Live Hub devices?

In 2011 I have bought a WD LV Live Hub that started to fail in powering up after about half a year. I made use at that time of the advance RMA option and got indeed a replacement device. However in September this year the HDMI of this device did not function any longer, so I made again use of the advance RMA option. After a few days of using this 3rd device, it failed in the same way as my 1st one, i.e. it does not  power up any longer. I have not yet made use of again an advance RMA procedure simply because after  returning the 2nd failing device, even after a couple of weeks of waiting, WD has still not yet confirmed receipt of that device whilst my shipping company has done so. Despite sending in various e-mails to WD explaining in greater detail the things that has happened, including evidence of the delivery of the 2nd device at their service centre, and a request for a satisfying resolution, including compensating my various shipping costs and making sure the 3rd device gets replaced by a proper function one, there is no response at all from WD after several weeks of waiting.    

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I have escalated this to the correct department.

Someone will contact you as soon as possible. 

Robothief, I have been contacted today by a local WD representative. If the offered resolution now indeed will be executed I’m satisfied about the follow-up.

Thanks for intervening and taking my situation seriously.

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Welcome to the WD Community. 

It has taken a long while but for completeness I would like to confirm that WD indeed has resolved this case in a satisfying way