How to get rid of progress bar?

Hello everyone,

I have WD TV Live and every time I press pause during a video playback the progress bar/play bar pops up. When I use subtitles I will then have to press OK button to close the pop up progress bar in order to read them. Is there any way to make progress bar to stop showing up when I pause the video?

Hello and welcome to the WD community

I believe there is not way to change this, however you can adjust the subtitles position when you go on the options for playback and go to adjust subtitles.

Here is a link to the Users manual page that explains how to adjust subtitles:

You can’t adjust bitmap subtitles like Vobsub or PGS. I think there was theme that would hide this bar, you should search the themes subforum.

Let’s make sure we’re tlaking about the right product, as the Live HD & Live Plus don’t support themes… Only the WD TV Live SMP, Hub and new WD TV support themes.

Alrightm, so there’s nothing to be done about it.