How to get RaspberryPi communicating to WD MyCloud over NFS?

I’m running XBMC on my Raspberry Pi and would like to have it connect to my MyCloud device over NFS.   The problem is that when I try browsing to it all I see is a folder called \NFS with nothing beneath it.

I’ve been told I need to modify the /etc/exports file on the MyCloud in order to set up a mount point?  How do I do that?  And is there an easier way of setting up the mount point other than manually modifying this file?

Right now this is what I see in the exports file:

Use nobody user (uid 65534) for nfs guest. This is restricted from private

shares by ACLs.

/nfs *(rw,all_squash,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure,crossmnt,anonuid=65534,anongid=1000)

On the MyCloud device, I’m trying to set up a mount point to:

/public/shared videos/mirrored/movies

I’m not sure if the space between “shared videos” is going to throw it off either…

Why NFS?

I use samba as follows (on Centos 6.5)

as root:

install samba and make sure services are started

mount -t cifs //<nas_ip>/ <mount_point> -o user=,passowrd= -o uid=<linux_user_uid>,gid=<user_gid>

that is it. I can access rw.


sudo mount -t cifs //  /mnt/nasshare -o user=fred ,passowrd=fredpasswword -o uid=jama ,gid=jama

Now the share will be owned by jama on Linux  who can read/write

NOTE: to activate at boot time add something to /etc/fstab

///<share_name> <mount_sharepoint> cifs username=<cloud_username>,password=<cloud_password>, uid=<linux_user>,gid=<linux_group> 0 0

or add the whole command to /etc/rc.local (check your distribution if it executes this at boot time, most linuxes do).

I mirrored mycloud shares on my Linux and added all shares to /etc/fstab


Forgot about NFS, wdmycloud exports everything (nfs *)

You do not need to edit anything, /etc/exports (you are a client not server)

just mount as follows:

sudo mount -t nfs <wdmycloud_iop>:/nfs /<local_directory) 

but it needs password for everyshare except public, which you want i guess.

Samba is easier.


The cloud does export everything under NFS, but it uses ACLs to define permissions in shares, so I’m not sure how it manages Private shares since NFS does not provide for authentication.   

One can change the ACL for each share using “getfacl” and “setfacl” but I rather not change anything on mycloud which is working perfectly  so far  :smiley: (touch wood)