How to get PC files to WD TV Live hub by USB !? ?!?

Hi all, just bought today my WD TV Live Hub…but when i opened i hadnt no usb cable to transfer from PC… So i when to get some other usb cable from the printer…but theWD TV Live Hub doenst have a port for the common type of usb cable !!!

So how can i transfer the files from the PC from a usb cable ?!   What kind of cable must i by to transfer the files ~?!?!!

Or the WD TV L.Hub doesnt have usb connect to he PC!??!?

Im desperated…

Please sameone help.


As far as I can tell, you can’t transfer via USB.

You plug the hub into your network and it just shows up. Than transfer your files over the network.

My world just colapses!!! :|  so much money for a non usb device? wth!?

I have a router , so i try to plug in the wd tv live and nothing shows… Do i have to have the WD conected to the tv also !?

I think you need to spend some time reading the User Manual.

There’s at least two ways of transfering via network, and also two ways to copy via USB.

This thing was designed EXPRESSELY for being attached via a network, but it’s not totally dependent on it.   If you’re not comfortable with home networking, you probably need to find a different solution.

plug into your router. Than on your PC, download, install and run the WD discovery software

this will help network share it.

whats with the blank responses?

Did you try what I suggested?