How to get my xbox360 to see my duo?

Got the MBL duo, and of course my WD live MSP can see the duo, but my xbox360 can’t, not even if I go through my PC from the xbox dash board.  How do I make the duo available to all devices on my network?

the only way to have the 360 see the duo is to make sure DLNA is on.
after that just go to shares on the duo’s web ui and enable media streaing on the share you want.
the 360 should see the duo now under movies/pics/music

hope this helps :slight_smile:

DLNA is enabled on the duo, or the XBOX360?

okay, found the DLNA setting, but I did not find a streaming option for any share.  Most importly, under the public share, says it can’t be defined, and that’s where all my media is.  Suggestions?


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How does this have to do with my question?  I have a MBL duo, not a live hub.

Miller-Village wrote:

How does this have to do with my question?  I have a MBL duo, not a live hub.

the above pic is for the DUO. it’s the Web GUI that has all the DUO’s settings.


I have the same problem.  

I have a Sony Bravia which I don’t expect to see the DLNA server, but doesn’t…

and I have an xbox which doesn’t see it either.

DLNA server is turned on, I have my public share with “Media Serving” set to “ALL”, I have 

one user, and under “Settings>Media>DLNA Media Server” I am able to select “Generic Media Server”.  The IP of this device ( is NOT the same as my xbox, in fact when viewing “attached devices” on my Netgear N600 Router, there are no devices with that IP on the network anywhere.

I don’t care if my Bravia sees the DLNA server at all, but it frustrates me that my Xbox sees my two computers on my network, it sees my attached USB external @ my router as a DLNA server, but it does not see my MBLD.


p.s. I have turned off my DLNA server on my router and the problem persists.

If you have DLNA turned on, test to see if your windows 7 can see the DLNA server.

  I had this issue with my first DUO.  The DLNA server was on, and the PC could see it, but the XBOX would find it rarely, and even in those cases, access to the files themselves was taking hours.  I returned the device and replaced it with another DUO.  Now the XBox and all of the other devices can see the DUO just fine.

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Thanks for the heads up- After fiddling with the DLNA settings more, I was able to see the DLNA server after a reboot.  I’ve got a good deal of library building, but hopefully this will work soon.  I was getting pretty frustrated and my RMA time is running out.  We’ll see what a few reboots will do to the availability of the server.

I just wanted to update- After more backups, library rebuilding, etc.  the server was still pretty bad so I have an RMA for replacement.  I will update again when I get the new Live Duo.