How to get my smartware back?

Hi Guys ! :

  I just bought my book essential 2TB one, after I uninstall the smartware from my pc then reboot my computer , it tell me I have to format all my external hard drive  I follow what it says because really can’t do anything about it so my smartware software plus others contain inside the drive are gone with it, so is there anyone got any idea how to get it back? or just keep it that way and use it as normal storage device to drag and drp files?, please…can someone help me solve my problem

Hi there!!

I honestly got lost reading your post, still, you can download and install Smartware from here.

On the other hand, uninstalling Smartware should not ask you to reformat your drive because Smartware is removed from the computer alone, so I would check that drive for errors if I were you, just in case!