How to get My Cloud 4TB to go into sleep mode when not in use

How do I get the drive to go into sleep mode when not in use… This thing is constantly spinning all day/night.



So the best answer to this is that you don’t.

If you are asking where the settings are, it is under Settings, General and Energy Saver; Turn on Drive Sleep. Sleep is set at 10 minutes of inactivity.

If you just bought the drive and loaded it up with photos, movies and music, it will take a few days to media scan all your files which means no sleeping at all. 

However once it has complete your scan according to WD, it will sleep. 

Although you might get some resemblance of sleep, it actually wakes up between 7 seconds to an hour after it sleeps due to various drive activities which includes writing logs from ram to disk, checking for software updates (usually around 3:00 PST), checking the date and time,  re-scanning any media files that it think it missed and writing its daily diary called logs. There is a lot more to this, but generally it is a small linux computer that is calculating the value of pi when it is not busy with moving your files around.

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