How to get MKV merging/muxing on MyBook Live?


I’ve got Twonky 7 and Transmission running beautifully on my MBL using these great tutorials

However. For my Panasonic Smart Viera to be able to play subtitles I have to merge the srt:s into a single mkv container.

(According to Panasonic it should also work if you just put a mkv and a srt file in the same folder, but it doesn’t)

MKVToolnix is cross-platform. Is there a way to get that, or something similar, running directly on a MBL?

Right now I’m using MKVToolnix on my Mac to do the merging. It works. But since it effectively has to stream the files from the MBL to the Computer to do the muxing, and then send it back to the MBL; it takes a lot of time. (8 min instead of 8 sec for each movie…)

I would really like to have the MBL handling everything independently


are you sure your TV supports external subtitles files?

Play the same file on a PC using VLC, GOM or XMBC see if you get different results.

Hi, I want to do the same … did you find any answer to your question?

Sorry for being a bit unclear. I have edited the question.

My TV supports and plays subtitles just fine. But it has to be merged into an MKV-container.

It all works. I just want to be able to let the MBL to the merging.

And no, I haven’t found a solution yet…