How to get meta data?

I just got my WD live yesterday and played with it briefly…

I came here looking for a guide on how to get metadata.  

I’m sure there are a bunch of tricks and such…  like naming conventions or 3rd party scrapers.

Is there such a beast? 

Like for my DVD folder structure… how do I get the root folder to display the meta data?  I only think it was on the vob file was I able to have the option of adding meta-data.

Also I had some ts tv files that gave me no option to add meta data…

Again I just got this yesterday and I would have thought there would be a sticky on this… or maybe a wiki??



WD has an internal scraper

there’s a few 3rd party tools on the forum

thumbgen is the likley the most used 3rd party tool

regarding folders, WD by default only supports meta data and fanart for files, not for folders

for folders you need to read up on linksheets

which is an advanced method

not recommend until you get a hang of the default xml’s that WD supports

Any reason why I don’t have the option of editing meta data for ts files?

you can edit any metadata you want

I use notepadd++ for editing the xml’s

but you’ll need to edit them from a computer

What I meant was I can’t add meta data within the WD live UI.  There’s no option to fetch the metadata for the TS files.

I’ve never used the internal media scaper

it might have something to do with folder/file formatting i.e. DVD folders

and possibly naming

if the ts is in a video folder struture and named something like non-descript

then the media scraper would not be able to match it to any movie info online

I’m sure if you post detailed folder structure and file names, somebody here will know how to do it