How to get Guest User, stats, space used, UL's/DL's etc. from My Cloud Home?

How to get Guest User, stats, space used, UL’s/DL’s etc. from My Cloud Home??

Anyone know how to do this? If you have 10 guest accounts and someone fills up the drive, how do you tell who did it?

Also, I cannot even see what files have been placed on the drive by guest users (porn, pirate, etc.). This can’t be right. How do I see what has been put on the Home Cloud Drive by others?

There is not any way to check the stats, space used and data uploaded by the User on the drive.

Thanks for the response Tech_W, as that is the same conclusion I have come to. What a security nightmare! No way to tell who is coming into the drive (or your home network for that matter) or what they are doing! What if one of your guest users has their account compromised (or Home Cloud’s email invite is intercepted)?? No wonder no one from WD would answer my simple question. Do they let the product reviewers (and customers) know about this major security problem before the product is reviewed/purchased??

You can go through the link. It might explain you better about the My Cloud Home security.

Worthless link, Doesn’t answer any of my questions, unless you are suggesting that I write a new program for WD that provides for any kind of basic reporting, security information/settings, or basic usage and capacity stats that are incredibly messing from this Honey Pot.

Should also put in the sales brochure how this is not a “home” cloud but a hard drive that must be connected to the “public” internet and can’t even be simply mapped to a machine without additional WD software loaded.

Clearly, the intent was to try and force a dependantcy on Western Digital’s website for a future pay subscription model and vendor lockin.

That is absolutely the case! All this for a pay future subscription pay service! You can’t even log into and use your own drive without connecting to THEIR website!! And, if their website security is as bad as their other software it’s probably already been hacked many times by now. And if the Website is down, you are screwed!!

I just got an email saying my Home Cloud was just updated with a year old release!! Really??

Also, this is also the worst performing hard drive I have even owned. It is pathetic!! Make sure to schedule hours for data copy or a move that should take minutes! Even moving files within the home cloud. Their website blames the terrible performance on other vendors and products! I have a 3 month old Dell desktop, I7 7200, everything is Gig Ethernet, and this thing screams with everything else including Seagate, Mybook, USB docking stations, and even a old 100g Ethernet drive blows this thing away!!

Tech support is non-existent (my guess is because they are aware of all this and no there is no answers–so they don’t reply!), the support board is totally useless–only blaming other vendors and endusers hardware when this is not the case.