How to get drive to appear under Devices after waking iMac from sleep

Using a My Book Studio LX on a iMac running Mac Snow Leopard (10.6.6), with Firewire 800 connection between the items.

When the iMac is activated after being in sleep mode, the WD drive does not appear under the Devices. The “WD SmartWare” appears and I am able to access the files on that virtual drive, but I cannot get the WD drive to re-appear under Devices (unless I manually power it down and turn it back on).

Since I am using this drive for my TimeMachine Backup location it is important that it be mounted.

I have a 500GB WD Passport external USB drive that is also connected to my iMac and it always appears under the Finder - Devices.

I don’t know if there is a setting or parameter that I need to have for the Firewire drive to stay under Devices.


You can connect the unit into a different USB port and also with a different USB cable to verify if the same thing occurs.

Also, I recommend that you connect this drive into a different Mac to determine if it’s an issue with the drive or the Computer. Meanwhile, use the Mac’s test utility to scan & test the drive. Find the link below for more info: