How to get discount linked to obso of mycloud mirror

I have a mycloud mirror obsolète since april due to os5 implementation. I know there is a discount for customer impacted by obsolescence (my nas is now a simple HDD), how Can i get this discount?
Thank you

Check out the page below for details.

You should have received an email (actually several of them) that had the “discount coupon” code that could be used to obtain the 20% discount off of a My Cloud EX2 Ultra (16TB,24TB,28TB)​ or a My Book 12TB​. Check your email spam folder for those emails if they are not in your main email account. WD typically sent the emails to the email address you used for the web portal account. To date I’ve received around 10 emails from WD with the discount coupon code, with the earliest one received on 1/18/22 and the last one received on 4/15/22.

Also note there is a dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Mirror here:

OS3 My Cloud Mirror

Thank you bennor for your Reply.
I dont have any mail, but if this coupon is only available for exultra or mybook I dont need it.
I was only interesting to buy HDD for my New nas Synology. With this obso management by wd I
Will Never buy an another wd nas.

Which device one can use the discount coupon code on depends on what affected OS3 My Cloud device one has.

At least a My Cloud Mirror user can use the discount coupon code to get a discount on an OS5 My Cloud (EX2 Ultra). Those of us with a first gen single bay My Cloud are out of luck when it comes to bumping up to OS5 with the discount coupon code. For us its either a My Cloud Home 8TB or My Book 12TB.

I must say the upgrade “options” were rather miserly.

Not like they were giving away the units. . . it was only a 20% discount - - > which for a direct online sale is more profitable (even at discount) than selling via another merchant.

Their upgrade discount coupon options are what they are. Better than nothing in the grand scheme of things.

But could have been better, particularly for the single bay My Cloud users. Sorry but “upgrading” to a My Cloud Home isn’t an “upgrade” even though one may or may not be getting a higher capacity hard drive than their existing single bay My Cloud hard drive capacity. And a My Book is just an external USB hard drive. They could have applied the single bay My Cloud discount coupon to the EX2 Ultra to at least give those users a discount on staying within the My Cloud ecosystem and regain remote access. Even if it was only for the lowest capacity (even diskless) EX2 Ultra. Or they could have just given a discount on a WD Red, Red Plus or Red Pro drive for single bay users to put into a new diskless NAS enclosure along with their existing single bay My Cloud hard drive (after being shucked).

Agree fully.

Although; I strongly doubt that WD would ever endorse an option that involved shucking. :slight_smile: (and frankly. . .I am not a fan of putting a 5 year old drive into a brand new enclosure in most cases)

Think of the EX4 person. . . the only options presented were for a 2-Bay EX2 Ultra. If I was replacing a 4-bay unit - → I would want to buy another 4-bay unit.