How to Get Best of Both Worlds -- Wired and Wireless on WDTVLIVEPLUS

One of the reasons I bought the WD player vs. other boxes was its friendliness to local media.  Once I got mine working, (with major help from Tony here), it really does a great job, with essentially three different play modes for local media.  I can finally use my WMP 12 to “play to” the device.  My setup is not unlike many that are documented here: the PC (where all my local media is managed, orginated, etc.) connects to a wireless N router via ethernet; source of the ethernet signal is a cable  modem.  A laptop, the WD player, media libraries, etc. are all connected via Windows 7 network.  Now I’ve become interested in accessing Blockbuster via the players built in firmware.  But I already know that heavy duty video files don’t stream well over my wireless network. 

All my “playback stuff” (HD Tv, surround sound, PS3, Media Player, etc.)is two floors and two walls away from my wireless router, which is just next to the PC.  It is not practical (since everything in the house is behind finished walls and floors) to run an ethernet cable to the basement to connect to the WD Player.  So  I am wondering — what are the considerations and complications of adding another cable modem so the WD  Player could connect directly to the Internet?  Could I maintain the wireless network connection at the same time — for my local media?  Would I need to change settings depending on what I wanted to do…either watch/listen to local media, or view content via Blockbuster?

No, you can’t do both in a practical sense. You might want to look into power line networking, like WDs Livewire product. It may be just what you need.