How to get align software

Hi All

This is so frustrating. I bought a new AF drive today - WD Caviar Green. I knew in advance I would need to align it to use with Windows XP. I’ve registered. My browser accepts cookies and doesn’t block pop-ups. When I try to download the Align Tool I just get the “Manage Your Account” screen - no offer of a download and no link to download. I’ve tried in Firefox and IE. Even Firefox with all add-ons disabled. I’ve tried to access email support but just end up back at the “Manage Your Account” screen.

P.S. I tried one of the other downloads and it worked fine, so it’s not my browser settings, but the align tool is still not available!

This is the name of the software - AcronisAlignTool_s_e_314 - just do a google search and you will get it

Thanks chetansha, that’s what I did in the end, after reading the same advice in one of the earlier threads from someone who had had the same problem.

But after I did that the store I bought the drive from came back to me (we had been back and forth a dozen times) and finally had the answer, which is this:

When you register the drive, you must click the ‘Downloads’ button FROM THAT SCREEN, i.e. the one that has the serial number on it and options like ‘Extend my Warranty’ and ‘Service Plan Options’ and so on. If you don’t do it there it won’t work from any other link - i.e. when you go into Support (sic) and click on downloads, even though it requires you to sign in, it still won’t give up the file. 

It’s COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that no indication is given that you must use the individual product’s registration page, and also unforgiveable that the other posters’ questions have been ignored by the admins of this board.

I’ve wasted a whole day of my life on this bull**bleep**. I’ll never buy any WD product again.

IMHO, a much better approach is to partition your drive using a utility that is Advanced Format aware.

For example, GParted (freeware) is able to “align partitions to mebibyte (MiB) or traditional cylinder boundaries”:

In your case you would choose mebibyte boundaries.