How to Format befor sell 8Months years old 4TB in Ebay?

Hello everyone,
after this LOVLY Firmware from WD and best Support, now I want to sell my WD MyCloud 4TB in Ebay(Germany)
Please give me a tip that, how can I format my Data in MyCloud as good as well?

My next Cloud will be “Synology DS213air” with better frimware support !

Thanks alot

From the NAS admin UI, do a full factory restore. This will erase all your data and overwrite it with zeroes. It is a lengthy process. About 24h for a 3TB, and 30h for a 4TB.

i also made the switch to Synology! I am keeping the WD to backup the Synology. From that perspective, the WD is pretty fast when you shutdown all the media features, on a gigabit Ethernet connection.