How to format a usb HD previously used with Dish Network?

Warning, I am an very Senior citizen with a failing memory (the human kind).
My new WD 2TB My Cloud is due in today.
I have a WD 10EADS that I have been using on Dish Network to store programs. I transferred all the programs to the Dish DVR. I plugged it into my Desktop PC to Format it but it was not reconized.
I used Data Lifeguard and it showed up on the list and had a green checkmark indicating it passed, but not with a letter. I decided to “Write Zeros”, and after 8 hours I checked Data Lifeguard and it still had no drive letter, I checked “My Computer” and it still did not show up!

How do I Format it to NTFS to use it with the My Cloud device?
I read somewhere that a NAS with 2 drives could use the second device to mirror the first drive. Is it possible to use the USB drive to accomplish this?

I appreciate the help as this is something I have zero knowledge of.

You’ll need to use the Windows Disk Management Tool to delete the current partitions, create a new partition and format it as NTFS.

Just be careful to select the correct disk!

You need to format the drive using the Disk Management tool in Windows