How to fix this error message?

Untitled.jpgPlease help me how to fix this error message because i dont know how to fix this. thanks a lot,

Ok first a couple of questions what was done for the message to appear?

Is smartware installed?

Did you try to unlock the drive?

Howmany wd drives are connected or have been installed? 

What is the model number of the hard drive?

yes sir, the smartware is already installed.

yes sir, i tried to unlock the drive and remove the password.

only 1 wd drive installed in my computer.

i dont know if this is the model number of my wd drive, correct me if im wrong sir,




thanks for the reply sir!

Ok sounds good try this solution.

Remove then reinstall smartware without the wd drive connected.

Also make sure to have the latest firmware update

Let me know how that works out for you

Call me lawrence…no sir please…

so i need to download wd smartware and install it. ok i’ll try that solution, but what if the error is still persist?

i already tried lawrence but the error is still there…