How To Fix Drive That Won't Mount?

I have a wd20ezaz 2tb drive with win10 on it that suddenly wouldn’t boot.
It was the system drive. Wouldn’t boot. endless circling dots.
I discovered that if I hang it off a windows system that system won’t boot. So I couldn’t see it via booting from any PE usb sticks. And I couldn’t see it via hanging it off a working win10 system - that system then wouldn’t boot.
But I found ubuntu and mint could see it alright.
I can boot those systems up and they’ll work alright with this disk attached and they will know the disk is there - but they won’t read it.
They say it refuses to mount. They say something about hibernation and stuff I don’t quite follow.
And they say take it back to windows and do a full shutdown and it will be alright.
But I can’t take it back to windows - it won’t let any windows system boot up

I wonder does Western Digital have some way at getting at this problem?