How to fix a non working western digital my cloud

My cloud stopped working after 5 days of copying mp3 on it. First the led become yellow and then after opening the case and formatting the hdd on exfat the led is white. Some help please in order to fix it without service?

Lets write here some opinions to fix these new devices. Thanks

This is going to be the last post most people will see on this subject, because you’re not paying attention to anyone’s answers anyway.

You have destroyed your Cloud NAS by reformatting the drive and wiping the entire O/S.   You’ve voided the warranty by opening the case.

As these drives are only a few weeks old, you’re going to have to be patient and wait for some other brave soul to void their warranty and hack the drive and figure out how everything is put together.

Where can i find the os of my cloud to fix it?

pelefant12 wrote:
Where can i find the os of my cloud to fix it?

You can’t, and that’s the point.

@ pelefant12

Good grief, you have totally trashed your new My Cloud and you are pestering USERS asking us over and over again how to fix it?!  Get real.

You should contact WD, tell them what you did, and see if they have any remedy (or sympathy) for you.

Otherwise, your best alternative option is to unplug it, turn it on its side, and start using it as a cutting board!

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If you have already bricked your WD Cloud, why dont you try and install Synology OS, it might be a possible thing, but since you can do nothing with your device, you can try pretty much anything. :slight_smile:

BTW there is a 512MB Flash drive in the device, isnt that for installing the OS? :\