How to find SMB settings in My Cloud

I just purchased a My Cloud 4 TB device. I can not figure out how to set the different types of SMB connections to my other computers. Specifically, I can not connect via SMB with my WIndows 10 devices. I was able to connect with a Windows 7 device just fine. Please help!

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Mike LaPointe

Hi there Mike :slight_smile:

did you take a look at the first post in this forum from Bennor? :

Have you checked the file and sharing service on windows 10?


As mefistos points out, see the very first post of the forum: Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions

In particular see Method 6 under Windows 10 Specific Methods in the first post of that thread. It currently lists three ways to modify the SMB settings of either the My Cloud or the individual Windows 10 computer.

I do not think you understand what I am trying to do. I want to have MySQL running on a My Cloud server and not having my Windows 10 computer running 24 hours a day. I want to have just the MySQL database running to keep track of metadata from my two (and soon to be more) Kodi machines so that I can store information about movie and TV shows we are watching and where we are in them all.

I do have a Windows `0 machine, but it is not running Kodi on it. I just want to use it to get the MySQL database up and running on My Cloud 4TB. The MySQL will also be on the My Cloud as well as the video files I want to watch. The Kodi machines are running OSMC (a Media Center version on Lynix) and reading and writing to the MySQL database over the intranet.

Thank You,

Mike LaPointe

Well to be fair this is the FIRST time you have mentioned wanting to run MySQL on the My Cloud in this thread.

Again the link to the tacked thread detail how to get Windows 10 File Explorer to show the My Cloud under Computer in Windows File explorer. Even when it is not seen by Windows File Explorer the My Cloud can generally be accessed by inputting the IP Address for the My Cloud into the Windows File Explorer address bar.

If you are talking about running MySQL on the My Cloud then do a forum search. You may have to install a different OS if the existing My Cloud firmware isn’t running MySQL. Here is one such thread about installing (or attempt to install) MySQL on the My Cloud.

There is some further discussion in an older thread about the My Cloud + MySQL + Kodi.