How to find & revise scheduled backups?

I’m on the Home Page, I guess, where it has the tabs: Home-Backup-Retrieve-Settings-Help.
Can’t remember how to get to my scheduled backups - where’s the tab for that!?

Hello, if you are talking about the backups done using the WD Smartware, you will need to open the software and then go to the retrieve tab.

Can you also, explain a little further on what is it that you are attempting to do.

Wanted to revise the times for the next scheduled backup. But can’t seem
to find it.

Good Morning!
An update: I still cannot find the ‘dashboard’ ( I know, that’s Seagate’s,
but can’t recall WD’s term!;).
It’s a summary of all the backups you have scheduled, with the dates and
times - options on the right are pause, stop & delete.
I know how to revise the types, dates and time on individual drives - just
easier to do all at once in this list - I thought I saw.

I did learn something from you suggestion to go to retrieve - I’d never
seen all the details there! Thx! However, not ready to start retrieving -
just refining what I’m backing up.

Hi, you are looking for the WD Smartware, that is the backup software that WD provides with the My Book Live. If you used another software, then you might need to look at that software.