How to find ports used in wireless mode


My Specs: Window XP, D-Link DIR 655 Router, Dlink DWA 140 Adapter, WD TV Live

I apologize if this issue has already been raised - I did conduct a number of searches. 

My Internet provider, Cogeco, uses a custom version of F-Secure which provides a firewall.  For some reason, even though I have allowed the IP address being used by my WD TV Live,  I still can’t access my shared folder on my desktop (can’t even detect it).  I know F-Secure is the problem because if I disable its firewall, my WD TV Live successfully detects the desktop computer and I can access the shared folder.

Tech support at Cogeco wants to know what ports are being used by my WD TV Live.  How do I check that?  Can anyone help?  Cogeco wants to create a custom rule or service on the firewall dealing with the ports to allow the WD TV Live access to my desktop.  Hopefully that will work?  Anyone?

The ports used for sharing videos are the same as the ports used for sharing ANY file or printer.

They need to allow for the WDTV to access ports  TCP 445, TCP/UDP 135, TCP/UDP 137, TCP/UDP 138.    I think that’s all…