How to find out if I can use my new 4T hard drive with my motherboard?

I have this ASUS Rampage motherboard

Yesterday I bought WD Blue SSHD 4TB which Windows 7 is showing only as 1677.90GB even after I initialized it as GPT (GUID Partition Table). I searched the web for eventual clues if I can use the full capacity of this drive with my system but I can’t find anything. And by some reason I can’t login or register on the ASUS support site to post my question there. I will greatly appreciate any help and suggestion where to find this information.

I’m using Windows 7 with the latest updates. I have a dedicated system drive and till yesterday I had two additional internal drives 1.5T each set as RAID 0 used for storing all my photos and videos. Yesterday one of the these hard drives died and I decided to buy WD Blue SSHD 4TB to be used for the same purpose. The files are backed up on 3T external My Book usb and this is the only copy currently I have which is a great risk.

I will greatly appreciate any help with this

See here: click!

Your installed SATA/RAID controller driver is outdated and limits the disk capacity. Dont’t use the old matrix storage mananger driver. This driver has never get the support for such a large hard disks.