How to find out current temp of mbw II?

is there a way to do this? with the weather finally being nice and also the fact i havent activated the air conditioning…the my book world ii sent me a bad email saying thermal temp of 69 degrees was achieved. i then turned a ceiling fan on high and removed objects from on top of it. hopefully this will do the trick?!

I also had a thermal shutdown once.  It overheated because I was operating the unit on its side.  Since turning it verically, I’ve had no problems (even while transferring files to it for an hour straight).  Obviously if you have something sitting on top it’ll ruin the passive cooling so make sure that the bottom and top are clear.  I’ve never needed to aim a fan at it or anything, and it has no internal fan.

If yours keeps shutting down, maybe there’s a faulty temperature sensor.

thanks for the reply. i also have it vertical and this is the 1st time its ever happened.(ive had it for about a year)