How to find firmware version - wd caviar blue 500GB pata (crashed)

Hi Folks,

I am trying to find out which number on the back of my 6-month old now crashed 500gb hard drive is the firmware level. I do not have drive with me right now - but when I looked last week there were several numbers (preceded by letters/initials) on the drive and none of them seemed to clearly by the firmware level. Does anyone know? Called WDC Support but they were unable to help me since I did not have the drive with me.


If you think you’re going to find that same drive and use the pcba board to recover your data, I’d think again.  You could cause further damage to the drive.  As I understand it, each drive is invidually tuned and heads aligned as they come off the line.  Data recovery is your only real possibility for reclaiming your data.  Besides finding that same revision of drive is like looking for a needle in a haystack.