How to find emails?

Hi - Just backed up my new MacBook Pro to My Passport for Mac. I want to make sure that my emails - filed in Apple’s Mail application - are being backed up. I can’t find them in the backup, but I’m not sure where/how to look for them. Any guidance will be appreciated.


Hello, Artanis1

Well, I would like to inform you that WD’s hard drive is a plug and play mass storage device, it is capable of storing data on it, in form of 0 or 1.
In order to check wheater, the files are backing up the data on the Harddrive you have to manually open the Backups.backupdb folder in hard drive then Double-click the folder with the name of your computer Within the folder you just opened, you will see a list of folders with dates and times open the particular folder with the latest time data stamp and find the mail application there. in order to know more about time machine then please contact Apple support for this.