How to export user configuration settings to migrate from one EX2 Ultra to a replacement EX2 Ultra

WD Warranty sent me a new My Cloud EX2 Ultra because my old one’s fan stopped working. I have many users and network settings configured on my existing EX2 Ultra. Problem: I do not see any option in the my cloud interface to back up the actual OS settings / configs.

Please tell me you didn’t release a NAS Server product on the market without implementing a USER CONFIGURATION BACKUP FUNCTION for your paying customers. There is literally no router or server out there that cannot back up its own settings and configurations.
[EDIT] Yes, I though tit was impossible to not have such a button. Thanks NAS_user!

PS: Thanks but I don’t want any solution involving “customer support”. I want an Export Settings button, as is normal. (or a CLI approach for admins, anything that is actually practical)

Not to be that guy. . .

. . .but isn’t what you are looking for under “Settings–> Utilities–> System configuration”??

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THANK YOU. Somehow nobody found that (thought it should be under Backups). I assume this backs up users and network settings. I’ll test at some point.

Here’s a screenshot for posterity: