How to exclude a folder from copying?

Hello. Using Smartware and was wondering how I can exclude a certain folder from copying to My Book? I looked & there are ways to checkmark whether a certain file type is copied between computer<->MyBook but I don’t see how I can exclude a certain folder.

Also does the Smartware work as a two-way sync? Or is it an one-way sync from computer to MyBook?

Thank you for your help.


in order to accomplish that you will need to update the software

Then you will switch to a file backup insted

this will allow you to selec tthe folders you want for backup

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Hello Wizer,

So currently is it like mirroring everything on the C: drive to MyBook per category?

Is it t wo way sync — meaning if I download a file to MyBook it’ll copy to C: drive & vice versa?

How do I find out what the latest smartware I am eligible to upgrade to? Will upgrading the software wipe out what is already on MyBook or is it pretty safe upgrade?

Thank you.


is not a sync software… you can use another application for that

when you check for updates on the home or settings tab it will give you the option to update to the latest version if necessary…

the update will not erase the files but WD recommends backing up the data ( as you should have in any case ) in the event of update failure