How to escalate a case/RMA?

I opened up an RMA for two WD RED drives originally and decided to keep one of them so I asked WD support on the phone to remove the one drive which seemed to be ok but they ended up closing the RMA after I had already shipped the drive with the old RMA on the box and found out later that day when I logged into the support portal that the WD support had closed the RMA down. :frowning: :{

So I called into WD support and explained the situation and they opened up a new RMA and they said they would escalate to the appropriate departments to have them coordinate the old RMA to the new RMA.

I shipped the drive back on Jan 22, 2020 I believe and have confirmation of receipt. I keep on calling into WD and they keep on saying it should be sent in the next 5-7 days, the confirmed in email that it would be shipped under the new RMA# and they confirmed the tracking number, etc. One rep said the drive should be shipped in the next 24-48 hours which pretty much should be by end of today, etc. Then I get another rep saying 5-7 from now. They said it is with the CRI department because of the mismatch of the RMA numbers and it will take more time but it been like 16 business days since it was received.

I logged into the support portal yesterday and it said my RMA was CLOSED (with 0 drives received) and I was like WTF, as I hadn’t gotten a shipping notification, etc but when I called in I asked if there was a tracking number and it hadn’t been shipped but the case is definitely still open in BOOKING stage and on the phone it says OPEN as well. They said that when they connect the drive to the new RMA then it will ship, etc

It seems every time I call that I’m likely getting someone from overseas with an anglicized name and that there is no escalation path to someone in North America to get an answer as to when I should expect the drive.

Is there a Twitter Handle I could message to or something to get their attention as to what a ■■■■ show this is and why it is taking so long to connect one RMA to another especially when I called in to ask them to relate one to the other? When they received the drive and saw the RMA was closed they could have looked up other recent RMAs and saw that I had created a new one with same drive serial number.

Frankly I would like a phone number for escalation instead of dealing with the offshore people.

Not sure if this is in the right section and may try finding another section on this community to post this again so sorry if I duplicate somewhere else but just trying to get this resolved.

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