How to erase the NAS drive?

We need to erase data on the drive _before_ return/replacement.

The web interface does not have this option.

The drive is “World edition with blue rings”.  Firmware version 02.00.15.

No information found in the docum or KB.

We know that the WD service  will safely erase returned drives, but this is not acceptable for us.

Please advice…

By the way, the failure is data corruption on the disk.

I copy a medium size file (~ 20 MB) to the drive, and everything looks  fine and good.

Then I compare the copy with the original, and there are some single bit errors!

No indication of any error appears in the web interface. It’s Linux… you get what you payed for…

  • dd

Log in to the web interface, go to Advanced, then click on Restore Configuration. On that page, you’ll see a button that says “Factory Default Restore.” Clicking that will go through the restore process, which puts it back to how it was when you took it out of the box. This will result in all data being lost.

Yes, but I don’t think this securely erases the drive.  Check this utility:

I’m currently doing the same because the WDWB is being returned.

Thanks for  your advices.

To use dban, the disk must be removed from the device, it can void my warranty?

I’ll ask the seller if they allow me to do this.

Is the OS installed on the same hard disk? Will it start after erasing the disk with dban?



Removing the HDD voids your warranty! And the OS of this NAS is also stored on the HDD. It will not start anymore, after erasing the whole HDD!!

WD considers these “limited user-serviceable” products which means the user can remove/replace drives.

But only for the 2 HDD Books, where the HDD can “easy” removed. But for the 1 Disk Version you have to do more effort. So you have to push 2 pins, which will to 99% break! On an warranty you will imho to send the whole NAS back to WD.