How to erase all data on MyPassport Ultra

I have been in contact with WD support, and I want to erase all the data on my WD passport drive because it has not been backing up my files on my laptop so I thought a reboot would be a good idea. WD support sent me to this webpage ( )to do the reboot, but I don’t know which option to select. Any ideas?

You don’t need to go to that extreme of doing a low-level format. Just do a quick-format.

I did a quick erase, and I also deleted the current backup plan on the drive. Now, however, when I try to add a new backup plan it says, “no writable partition found, please unlock device.” I unlock it, and try again but it keeps giving me the same message.

You probably blew away ALL the WS software that came on the drive, including the backup software. You may be able to download it from the support page for your particular drive so go see if you can, otherwise contact WD support for “further instructions”.

How when i do quick erase it fail and it tell too many bad sector?i buy this external hd last week and cant use it