How to enable Plex application from SSH?

Hi all,

My PR2100 sit on remote site.
Since there is no option to get to the UI (http/s) someone knows how to enable applications such as Plex from the SSH?
(SSH already enabled)


Go to the Plex app directory

cd /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog
cd plexmediaserver

Initialize the app

./ $(pwd)

Start the app

./ $(pwd)

Plex should now be running.

ps -w | grep Plex

If you need to do the initial setup, you need to be on the local network… or use an ssh tunnel as follows

ssh -L 8888:localhost:32400 sshd@publicIPofNAS

Now browse to localhost:8888 to configure Plex on the NAS.


just tested it. it turns the process on, but the app is not “on” as per the WD GUI. when I check, the switch button shows it as “off” :frowning:

Perfect! it works now.
was some issue that I solved after a reboot.

Do you know how can I stop sshd? yes to lock my out of the cli :slightly_smiling_face: