How to eliminate old backups and only retain current one

I store other files and folders on my 1TB Passport Ultra. If each backup is incremental (added to the original), I will eventually run out of space on the drive. Is there a way to avoid this?


Backup does not store each version of a file! Only the latest version is saved completely in the Volume folder.

Some how Backup saves the changes. for each version in the History folder. So if you restore an earlier version, then the current version is revised with all changes back to that version. To try this, open Backup, select Restore, Select a Location:, click **Select Files to Restore **. On the Restore Files window, Select the version you need, and the files you need and Restore. Open the file resorted and check it out.

Also, if you delete a file in the PC, the current version is moved to the History folder and can be restored to the original location. So even if you delete files on the PC they are, and must be, saved on your Passport.


Thanks, Cliff. Very useful.