How to edit the backup rules in SmartWare :-)

Hi guys,

I had the same problem as a lot of people here i.e. not being able to backup all my mails which are in Thunderbird. The mails are stored in file with no extension. The .msf that Smartware are copying are useless, they do not contain the mail but are only some indexes…

So  the main thing to know is that the rules are stored in a file named Backuprules.xml on your computer (on Vista : C:\Users<your login>\AppData\Roaming\Western Digital\WD SmartWare).

You can edit this file and modify the rules in there.

For instance, for Thunderbird, I replaced the following rule




Et voila ! My whole thunderbird profile is now stored automatically and categorized in the MAIL repository.

The category of data is coded in the key “ProviderID”. Thus you can easily find which rule belongs to which category of data.

Good luck !

A frenchy

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Thanks for the info.:smiley:

Has anyone found a way to disable/edit the Categories?

This would be a possible way out of the mess with this software.


in c:\program files\western digital\wd smartware\front parlor\config you can also find xml-files with rules. Maybe it is better to edit these files, in stead of the one in your user folder. In that case the rules probably hold for every user. I will try to figure this out when I have a spare moment.


Bonjour Arnaud,

I’ve followed your instructions but WD Smartware still only backups the msf files.

Do you have any idea what’s happening?


There is a new update for SmartWare.  I’d recommend giving that a try to see if it helps.

Thanks Bill,

I’m using the latest version but it doesn’t solve the problem…

Does it work on your side ?