How to dwnload https links / url [SOLVED]

Hi, i’m going to answer my own question here as i can see that many people were asking this already with not getting any solution.

The main reason for me to be able to do this is to start downloading files from https urls and then be able to turn my computer off while my cloud keeps downloading.

SOLUTION? Not really, but kind off…

I spent hours searching and trying all kinds of stuff, but so far the only way i was able to do this was through Wordpress.

So just go ahead, install wordpress app after you done, update it to the newest version and then install these 2 plugins:

Advanced uploader
Upload Max File Size

Click on Upload Max File Size link located at the left sidebar on the bottom and in the settings paste in this number 8000000000000 that’s gonna setup max file size upload to 1Tb click then click Save changes.

To upload https links go to Media --> Advanced Uploader --> Import From External URL

Paste your https link there and click import

From this point on wordpress will keep downloading the file into its library even if you close the browser, unfortunatelly there is no progress bar or anything like that so you can only wait and keep checking if the file is located in the library, once it is you can click on it and it will show you its URL so put that url into the address bar and save it into your desired location.

I have only tried zip and mkv files and they both worked, i don’t know what’s the full file format support.

I know it’s not the best solution, but it’s the only way i found so far, please let me know if you have a better one. Thanks.