How to download utorrent files direct to wd cloud using android phone

Hi, I am using WD colud 4 TB and connected to Wi-Fi router. I am using Android smartphone LENOVO K3 NOTE. Using smartphone I am downloading Utorrent files to internal storage or SD card. but I want to download utorrent files direct to WD CLOUD. Please help.

I don’t think you can , every time I’ve tried downloading anything to a networked drive (even a direct download from from a web site) from my phone the app/web browser usually errors out.

You need a torrent client running in your mycloud. To install apps for mycloud GEN2 (assuming your mycloud is gen2) read this page

Actually you will not need to install any app, just modifying define.js to allow P2P shall work. It is there in the mycloud but disabled.

You should install Transmission App to your WD My Cloud.

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Thanks !!. Will app download torrent files without connecting PC/computer after installing and configure transmission app ?

Yes exactly!

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Thanks !!. Does it support for “WD My cloud personal 4 TB” product ?


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Thank you so much !!! Have a nice and safe day ahead !!!

Another option:
Configure Transmisson for watch a folder for torrent-files. When you upload .torrent file to this folder (Via WD App for example) - transmission start download it automatically.

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Thanks !!

“app” is missing in dashboard. Please help

The fact that you have ‘Safepoints’ on your Dashboard shows that you have a gen2/v4 firmware device, which doesn’t have the facility to install apps via the Dashboard.

You might try this:

You have a FIRST generation v4.x single bay My Cloud. There is no “app” tab in the My Cloud Dashboard for first generation single bay My Cloud units. And NO you cannot install v2.x firmware on the older first gen v4.x firmware My Cloud units.

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search this subforum for the various past discussions on unofficially adding torrenting to a first generation single bay My Cloud device. It will require the use of SSH. Such unofficial modifications are NOT supported by WD.