How to download multiple files/folders at the same time


New forum user here so forgive me if there’s a post discussing this already. Have not found one or one that has the answer.

My issues is as follows:

I have an iMac with two hard drive partitions, one for Windows one for Mac. The Mac partition failed on me a couple of days ago and in it were all my photos (roughly 330 gigs). Rest of the files were not vital. I bought a WD My Cloud mirror 6tb device and was able to access these files and photos via the Windows partition of my Hard drive. I.e. I was able to boot to windows and then access the mac partition of the hard drive and from there upload those files to my WD device.

Now I’ve reinstalled OS X and am facing the following problem. Every single time I try to download a larger folder with either multiple folders in it or multiple files in it the download process just freezes up. I’m able to download single files one at a time from the device to my Mac partition. Naturally I’m using the Mac specific App to access my device.

Is there a way to download ALL of the files and folders in a single run by downloading the parent folder? If not then this is truly a horrendous product flaw. Downloading tens of thousands of photos one by one is just out of the question.

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You should be able to copy entire parent folders. How are you copying the files? Are you using a wireless connection? 

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’m using a wireless connection. The WD device is hooked up via ethernet to a Time Machine from Apple which is providing the Wifi.

More details on the issue, when I go to click and drag a parent folder folder from the WD App (e.g. a file named 2014 containing all my Lightroom 5 catalogues and photos from 2014) to my (e.g.) desktop I get a smaller window with a progress bar that is not moving at all and after a while (might take hours) a message “download failed” will pop up.

However, when I go deeper into the folder 2014 directory and try to download e.g. a smaller set of photos from, for example, a single day from 2014 it will download the folder to my desktop as ZIP files which I can then unpack.

When I repeat this process with multiple single files (I had some video files) within a folder I get a larger window with different types of progress bars for every single file and these progress bars do show the actual progress of the download. These are not packed into a ZIP file.

Edit 1.

It would seem that the problem occurs when I’m trying to download a parent folder which has folders and files in it. If a folder has just individual files in it the download seems to work somewhat ok…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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