How to download and install WD Software that was on my WD Passport Essentials SE 1 TB Ext hard Disk

Hi all,

I have a 1 TB WD My Passport Essentials SE External hard disk that I had to reformat and I lost the Proprietary software that came on the disk.

Anyone suggest where I can download that software.

I updated the drive firmware online and downloaded the Smartware and installed this on the PC but none of the original software is on the hard disk.

Not sure what it does or how useful it is, just like to have it.

Thanks all.

Hi there

Go the following link to download the software and other files for youe drive.-

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Hi Ric and thnks for tip.

I went to this site already and downloaded and installed the drive firmware and installed the Smartware on the PC.

When I unpck this Smartware package before installation are these the other files that i copy onto the hard disk?

I am trying to locate the files that were on my new hard disk so i can copy them back on again.

Thanks all.


Since you formatted the drive, unfortunately everything on the drive ( including the backuo ) was deleted, however search for some data recovery software or take the drive to a data recovery company to get that data back again.-


Do you know what WD software was on this new disk when I bought it?

I had not configured the disk to backup anything and there were no backed up files on the drive, just some files I had copied there myself before the forced reformat.

I have not lost any of my own software but just want to put back the WD software that was on the disk. It may have only been a few folders.

I bought the drive so surely I can get and reinstall the WD sofware that came on the disk.

Does anyone know what this software was. Firmware and Smartware are not a problem.

I have updated drive firmware online and the Smartware online and now have drive configured for auto backup.

One question how do you configure this drive to back up from other drives that C:

Thanks all

The only software a WD Passport Essentials SE has is WD Smartware, if you need to download the software that came with your drive that’s the one you have to download… end of the conversation from my side… TA SUELTO EN BANDA !

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Here’s a link to the software:

User manual: 

You don’t have to run the program from the drive.