How to downgrade firmware from 2.x to 1.x ? Firmware 2.x is lot more buggy


Kindly, let me know how can I downgrade 2.x firmware to 1.x (Black Interface). I am facing following issues after upgrading to 2.x firmware

  1. Windows 10 stopped recognizing drive by name (Netbios). Only way to access it with IP Address. This issue was not present in 1.x firmware.
  2. When ever Internet connectivity goes down. Share folders become inaccessible on LAN only way to access them using FTP.
  3. FAN speed always remain 0 rpm.



See if the following links helps

Additionally concerning the first item, there are a couple of points.

  1. you should be able to access it also by typing //mcmname at the Windows explorer nav bar (replacing mcmname with the netbios name. It should then also appear in the network tab under that name.

  2. on win10 if you have a wins server on your network you can set your network to explicitly use it. In network and sharing center go to your network (WiFi or Ethernet) select properties, internet protocol v4 then the properties button below it. Select advanced and then the wins tab and set the wins server IP address there.

I use a raspberry pi on my network as a wins server and it works fine to serve up the correct NetBIOS names for everything on my network (it’s part of the samba server setup on Linux).

Thanks ERmorel and DarrenHill for prompt reply. Would you please point me to the archived firmware URL form where I can download the previous versions for My Cloud Mirror (Gen 1). I am unable to find download links of previous versions on WD’s official site.

Please confirm whether downgrading removes previous settings e.g. Share Folders, RAID configurations etc.or not ?


I got the previous firmware versions at softpedia site.
Downgraded to 1.04.05
Issues #1 resolved.

Good to hear. On my home network NetBIOS doesn’t seem to work at all except between Windows machines until I put the WINS server onto the network. Now all devices (both Windows and Linux based, like the NAS and also Raspberry Pi’s etc) show up fine. It’s not expensive or difficult to set up a Pi to do that job, if you want a more general solution.

For your second point, how are you accessing the shares? Just direct SMB via the network tab in windows explorer, or some other route (NFS, WebDAV etc)?

And when you say internet connectivity goes down, exactly what do you mean? If the connection from your router to the wider internet being up or down is affecting how it controls traffic locally on your home intranet (the link between it and the devices that are connected to it on your home network), then that sounds like something is wrong on your router or its set-up.

Hi Darren,

My home setup is
ISP (FOC to Copper) --> (WAN) Netgear N150 WGR614 WiFi Router (LAN) --> 8-port D-Link Giga Switch --> My Cloud Mirror & Desktop Machine (Ubuntu + Win 10)

Laptop (Ubuntu + Win10) and Mobile devices connects through Wi-Fi

I use UNC (\\smb-server) to access share folders.

When ever Internet connectivity goes down at ISP point (WAN port). SMB shares on My Cloud Mirror stops accessing but Win to Win or Win to Ubuntu or Ubuntu to Win shares remain accessible.

Downgrading firmware instantly resolved device access by name issue on Win 10.


Odd as they should be independent of the WAN as they’re on the local network.

Are they inaccessible via both WiFi and wired machines? Just to eliminate anything with the switch?

It is confirmed, both (WiFi and Wired) are not able access shares while Internet is down.