How to do update wdtv hd?

I do not understand how to do update wdtv hd gen.1!!! Please,someone on staff
WDTV HD give me an explanation. When I copy in to HDD the update( WDTV_1_03_01), the starting player WDTW delete everything and do not update!? THX

Click on the link below for both the newest firmware and the instructions for how to do the update for the gen 1 WD TV.

I tried step by step installation instructions on this link but

not go updates! The setting menu WDTV icon does not exist it "The

firmware Upgrade icon " .Curious??!! is that, if the load on USB HDD

Version 1.03 update, the WDTV start delete all update from USB HDD

It is very strangethat point? Anyway thanks a lot for your help!!!

PS … Maybe someone from the technical staff WDTV I can answer

this question.

When you downloaded the file you unzipped it to your drive or thumbdrive correct?  The thing that I learned when I got my WD TV box…almost immediately when they first came out…the upgrade instructions were no where to be found…the firmware files can be THE ONLY THING on the drive or thumbdrive.  Meaning the drive must be empty before unzipping the files to the drive.

Once I did that the update was seamless.

not sure if this helps but when i tried to update mine i saved new firmware to cd (using windows xp) and sent to my wd portable hard drive  and although it was on my portable h/d, when i connected it to my tv, it didn’t see it so i downloaded new firmware again but used my laptop (windows vista) to burn to cd and sent to portable h/d and once connected to my tv it read it and updated my player.

Are there two files or three files inside the zip? If there are 3 than you are trying to apply an update for a gen2 to a gen1. Also, have you tried to use a different drive to update with? It seems thumbdrives work best on that model.