How to do Better, Faster NAS Searches

Hello and thanks. I am new to using a NAS. I have a
the My Cloud EX4 4Bay NAS Server - SATA 6Gb/s - 4 x 2 TB running RAID 5.
This is installed on a Gigabyte Network in an office with 25 users running Win7Pro.64 (a few Win10 users).
I am trying to find a way to speed up searches. There is not a lot of info out there. It seems an issue with how Windows searches. And how Indexed drives search faster, which cant be done on the NAS?

I am looking for suggestions, fixes, tweaks, and/or 3rd party software that will help. Please.


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Thanks Feragui,
I am surprised I am not getting any suggestions, comments or help with this.
Do you know of other NAS Forums that may have more active users?
Does Acronis Techs monitor this forum? It would seem they would have something to say on this…

Hi Bmadams.

I dont know if you had a chance to look into apps section. There are quite few apps but very neat collection to cover most basic requirement.

You can install qfinder. It indexes files faster than windows and does have the files store in it so not each user’s will have some storage gone on indexing.

its cloud connected as well i guess. I did some search and result was instant.

I does offer limited functionality. But one time pro license demands 60 dollar’s.

if its office usage on searching very frequenty then go for it its just a small cost.

Would that be apps found on the NAS itself?
Thanks for mentioning Indexing and storing copies of files on the user PC, this is a bit new for me. We are talking about 1TB+ of files. So to Index (making for fast searches) these files would be copied to each user?

if the indexing is done on Windows PC. Yes irrespective of the storage type. Search.exe windows service will have to store internally for any type of storage except the cloud storage which is online based. Here we are having it network locally accessible situation.

So try qfinder on the Apps section. Click on add tab in left bottom for list of apps you will find the qfinder app.

Hello and thanks, finally following up…

  1. I do not have qfinder in my list of Apps under “Install Apps” button…
  2. To better understand Indexing and what you said; If I want to use the Windows Index/search feature on a Network Drive or on my NAS, I have to “Always Available offline”. and Doing that will put a copy of all the files on the PC, all 650GB?

ok its QuikFynd Server and it works for your basic needs.

if you are going to use for business then buy the pro. As its not user dependable only NAS dependable.

create an account and you are good to go. It searches instantly

. For your windows query. It doesnot copy files to each users. But just the index files size might vary from 1gb to 100gb based on the no of small files you hold.

Say if you have 2tb worth of videos say 250 files then index will be very less 1gb or below.

if the same 2tb worth of pictures of 100000 photos then index will be 5-15gb or even more for each user’s if they search via network.

Its installed, got an icon on the taskbar…but have no idea how to use it…

This is not what I had in mind…:frowning:

you need to use the app in NAS. Not the desktop version.

DId you find the app in NAS and installed. Create an account and search for files.

If you are going to use the search locally or remotely both works with this search tool. It works via cloud.

Here you go how it looks in NAS . In this its quick and through search no data stored for each user. Any no of user’s can access it . As its built into server and not client . so one time license cost if you do a lot of searching

DirtyMacho…ok, I really need to find a way to search the WD.NAS.
This is soooo critical, and fundamental, I am surprised as ho difficult this is. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do have common sense and years working on and with Computers!!! Lets start at the begging please:

  1. “Did you find the app in NAS and installed?”
    NO. It is not in the “Available Apps” drop down list. There is a button “To install an app manually…”
    I did download and install it on the workstation, but it seems to have no connection to access or see the NAS on the network.

I would like to “use the app in the NAS” but don’t know how.


Sorry I yelled…

Let me give you step by Step instructions.

The Above snap is after you install via this menu which highlighted in the snap. Which show the app in the list of add approved wd list of apps that can be installed.

Once you install it. It will show the configure button which will redirect to server app of this software running in your nas itself which will keep scanning the entire or selective watch folder’s for new files and categorize into the respective types.

Step1: After the app install and you have to turn on by sliding the button.
Step 2: Click on the configure which will redirect to server.
Step3: You will be prompted for login via already created account or register for new account.
step4 : configure the account with folder and sync frequency for checking new files.

Once you are done with the setup process.

you will be presented with this page for you to search files.

The best part of search function is it can do meta search ie even in document or pdf it can hightlight the word you wanted to find. if the file naming is not conventional.

Thanks for your efforts…but I do not have QuikFynd in my Apps list.
It is not in the List of App approved wd list".
and I dont see it in your example… please scroll down in the Add an App drop down. and show me a pic of it in your list.
I do have the ones you show…

I have spent sooo much time on this I am ready to sell this WDNAS and build a Windows Server box. It may look more expensive but the time I have spent just trying to perform fast, Indexed, searches makes WDNAS a no go for me. I wish I knew this before starting this project. Maybe others will look up Search a NAS and learn before buying… :frowning:

and I am running the most current Firmware
v2.11.157 and reports as “my Firmware is up to date”

I think this app is only for: QuikFynd app on a My Cloud DL or PR series
I have the EX4

No way i own ex2. I am not on DL or PRO series.

Dont you see in the app list . Show me the snapshot .

I cant help you unless you tell exactly the issue.

use the below link and manually install on your ex4