How to display or continue reading the movie summary info

Hello! I would like to ask how to continue reading the summary info from the gallery view if the info is too long. I have a movie with a long summary and its cutoff from the middle of the paragraph and no longer displayed from the gallery view. Before I remember from previous firmware, when you are watching a movie, when you press option from the remote there is a choice there to view movie info, but the latest firmware 3.05 there is no such option anymore. Thanks. Btw, I use the WDTVHubGen v.2.1 to get the info from

Yes, the option is still there…  It’s there whether you’re watching the movie or just browsing the files.

Option -> View Info.

Note:  This is ONLY active if your Content Source is set to My Media Library.

Oh okay, i see , I turned off the media library thats why i cannot see the view info, thanks a lot