How to display Movie sheet in Hub?

Hello ,

Can i get some help on my below queries to display movie sheet in hub? I have movies in individual folders and i use thumbgen to generate my movie sheets. What i am looking for is a trickle view that should display the moviesheet when i browse through the folders ,is this possible? some thing like the one shown below


 To get this…

  1. Which theme should i use ? ( i used pretty much all the  themes given in list of themes post but still was not successfull)

  2. Template in Thumbgen ? ( i am 100% sure i used the right template) , because i am able to generate the sheet successfully in my movie folders .

  3. which view should i be using in hub ? is it gallery view  or list view to display the movie sheets?

  4. My folder & files structure looks like this


I have been trying for almost a week to get this but failed . Is it not possible to get the sheet by hovering across the folders ? do we have to go inside each folder and select the dummy file to get the sheet?

Any help is appreciated ? Thanks in advance.

unfortunately it takes time for moderators to approve locally stored images so we are unable to view them.

Best to post images from an external free source such as Picasa or Photobucket

Most of the themes require Gallery view for the movie sheets to appear. None of the stock themes built into the hub will display them.

Pretty much any template will work for any theme but some are better designed for certain custom theme.

Without seeing your images or knowing the exact name of theme and template you are using its hard to tell what is goign wrong. Either move your images external or we will have to wait for them to become visable.

Yes, currently while hovering over folder we are not able to display sheets.

So, you have to enter the folder and select the dummy file to view the sheets.

try the list view of my latest theme, to navigate between covertrickle sheets.

Its much faster…

You can put all the sheets and movies in one folder.

Set the moviesheet as the thumbnail for the movie and there’s no need to create dummy files for cover trickle sheets.

So what you are saying is use a dummysheet for the thumbnail doing it this way will it trigger the movie and also will it be a dummyfile of the cover art if yes to both those question how should the dummyfile look ie movie.jpg  mov.iso_sheet.jpg or what?

Hi tm224…

I assume you have created the moviesheet with Thumbgen…

Let me take you through the most basic (easiest) way to get moviesheets working

Make sure you keep your movies in their own folders…folder name must be EXACTLY the same as the movie file including capitals

Then make sure you have the following files for for example

Avatar folder will have:–

Avatar.mkv --------------------------> Movie

folder.jpg ---------------------------> thumbnail (you can create a fancy thumbnail with thumbgen)

Avatar.jpg ---------------------------> moviesheet

Avatar.xml ----------------------------> metadata file …(the hub can create or you can use thumbgen or you can even create an empty text file and rename)

Thats it choose my theme or firetix load it and you should have a blue background with mine and the anodized with firetix…goto to your movies folder. and the moviesheet will show when you enter the Avatar folder.

Make sure after you have created the moviesheet that you clear the media library and rescan.

Once you get that working i can explain about more advanced options, eg the dummy file etc

Yes I have mine working just like that However as I stated I do not have my movies in folders they are all on the root drive this should not matter as every   jpg  xml  and sheetjpg should go as directed towards  that particular movie infact the way I have it now is I am using anodized trickle by TW with reflective covert art. I have cover art I have movie info and of course the streemed background pics from the xml file. What I wanted was sheets instead of the background being streemed but I also wanted the cover art to be along the bottom of screen and when I hover or highlight a particular movie I wanted the sheet to apear in the background without compromising my cover art thumb at the bottom and to click the highlighted

cover art thumb and play the movie I was told this cannot be done right now so as I am converting all my movies to the reflecltive thumbs TW has done I am creating a moviename_sheet.jpg as I go just in case I need it for future kinda hoping I am not gonna need this dummy file cause I don’t have one of those. Thanks for the concern and the help I am slowly starting to get how all this works. If I can achieve what I want then I am willing to do it


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