How to disable / turn of the front white Light (LED) in WD My Book Studio II

how to disable the led  in WD My Book Studio II 4TB ? It’s very disturbing,  ? thanks

You will have to go to the drive’s configuration page, click on Advanced and then go to System, under system click on the Advanced icon and then if you look all the way to the buttom disable the LED Control > LED Status

If you dont know how to go to the interface of the drive follow this link:

This link is to update the firmware which it will also be a good Idea. Make sure you back up your data first just in case.

Thank you **bleep** capability, how to access it ?

why there’s bleep in my posting, I only wrote there’s no network in WD My Book Studio 2, so I can nit access it?

Please **bleep** drive. I got confuse. I will research to see If I can find anything.

I did not post any **bleep** just for clarification I just said to please forgive me I got confused, in diffident words never used words that were not proper

I understand, there’s something wrong with this board , there are “bleep” everywhere, actually no one is swearing …strange, anyway i still can’t figure out how to disable the front led, hard to concentrate when there’s blinking light in front of me, any help is greatly appreciated


Sorry for the excessive cesnoring. There was an error in the filter. It has been corrected.


You cannot disable the white light on the front of the unit.

This is bad news, I hope there’s someone who can come up with a firmware hack or anything I really hate that led

Try a piece of black electrical tape or the more manly duct tape.:smiley:

Any other solution? I realy hate that led