How To Disable APM(Advance Power Management)?

i want to ask how i disable APM of my WD Scorpio Blue Internal Drive Permenantely?? i disable the APM from Crystal Disk Info but everytime when i Sleep my PC and then wake up APM is Enabled and Set to 80h again, why is that… :neutral_face:
And another thing i want to ask is that , Does enabling APM Effect Overall Hard Drive or System Performance?? :confounded:

I havent really done any test to compare the performance difference between APM 0x80, 0xFE or disabled. Are you able to do one and share with us? Perhaps some read tests on the disk would be good enough. If there are negligible differences, then it’s not worth changing this value permanently.

So what kind of tests i do?? and which Soft i use to do Tests???  And Also Tell me the Method of HOW i Permanentaly Disable APM of My Internal Drive ??

You can try HDtune. Just monitor the speed of the read test with APM enabled and disabled. There is no way to permanently disable APM until someone figures out how to do so. To the best of my knowledge, WD 2.5" comes in 2 flavors of APM - 0x60 and 0x80. The 0x60 APM willl autopark on idle while the 0x80 doesn’t.

But i Hear That WDidleDisable can disable APM permanentaly… :confounded:
See the Image Please… 

I don’t see a lot of difference here. Maybe someone else can give an opinion. Idle3 allows you to configure the idle3 timer, it has nothing to do with APM. You’re using a 5000LPVX which probably has a default APM value of 0x60 instead of 0x80.

I have a program that could allow you to increase the timer or disable it - disabling the timer will change the power-on APM to 0x80. Since this is not written nor endorsed by WD, you risk voiding your warranty. You can take a look at Unix only as I couldn’t port this to DOS.

What APM is Exactly?? What it Do?? and in what manner or How it causes Performance Issue?? :confounded:
Your soft is Only For Linux… :cry:
My Hard Disk default APM value is 0x80 not 0x60…
See this Image(Taken after restarting My PC)… 

Interesting to know that your LPVX is APM 0x80. As you can see in your screenshot, APM is for power management. Usually you need more power for better performance. Lower APM means less power, but based on your test, I don’t see any obvious difference in terms of performance with APM 0x80 vs disabled.

You might also want to ensure your Crystal Disk is not setting it to 0x80 if it’s configured to load before you login to Windows. I’ve read somewhere that it can do this for you. I’ve had an identical model that defaults at 0x60.