How to direct live media hub to a streaming site

It seems the only locations on the web that the hub can go to for streaming media are the ones that are pre-coded in the device. I want to go to say U-verse streaming site and look at streaming movies on my TV through the media hub how do I do this? How do you enter a web address in the Hub?

You cant.

wdtvhub wrote:

You cant.

You can TRY this, I haven’t as yet…

Settings Menu

Select About then press the SEARCH key on the remote. This brings up a browser enter the URL on the adress line and see if it works. I kinda doubt a video will play if it’s flashed though…it may help to have a keyboard connected too.

You might also see if there is an RSS feed for the video and add it to the list using your PC and the web interface.

DRMS won’t allow this.

I have a PARTIAL solution for you - Get the WDTV Hub REMOTE CONTROL App from the App Store @ Apple (Itunes). It has a KEYBOARD function, near the top… once you get to the browser, SELECT the Keyboard and you can make keyboard entries through your Iphone or Ipod TOUCH. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to be able to find a TAB key on that software… Perhaps if someone can reach the author of that software and convince him OR HER to put in a (workable) TAB key… you’ll be able to make better use of that built-in Browser!

Your suggestion is very good, I tried this and the virtual keyboard worked great but, there is no way to move the mouse pointer in the screen. Do you know of a way to move the pointer in the virtual remote?