How to destroy some of my backed up data?

I ran through the set up of Mybooklive using the standard options. I’m using windows7.

Seems to work OK.

But now I have some files on the backup that I want to destroy (securely overwrite).

How do I do that ?

Or am I looking at it wrong? Is the backed up data securely encrypted if I use password protection?

OK. I’ve just seen the MBL Waste of TIme thread, which kind of answers my question.

I need to ignore the WDsmartware software and use something else.

Wish i’d just bought an external drive now, but I thought I was buying a wireless device  :frowning:   LOL

You can buy a Wireless client and connect that to the MBL. That and the MBL together can make it wireless.

So, I still want to be able to see my WDsmartware backed up data and wipe it (just wipe it will do).

I’ve learnt on here that it’s not encrypted, just hidden somehow.

I’m happy to destroy the lot, as I will switch to Windows backup.